Facebook Ads Management

Make no mistake. Facebook is pay-to-play.

FB Ads Don’t work!

That’s what most business owners think. However, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most businesses only boost posts or “try” running ads with only a very small budget. 

Facebook is a fantastic source of leads.  However, without solid strategy, budget and experience the results are rarely successful.

How much do Facebook Ads Cost?

Like most things in life…it’s depends.

Most clients invest between $300-$500/month in ad spend some invest much, much more. It really depends on your budget and overall margin.

Depending on the level of competition and the quality of your ads, you could expect leads for up to $200 to as little as $2.

Depending on your profit margin, Facebook ads can be a quick way to get lots of inbound leads.

Are Facebook Ads Worth it?

In most cases: Absolutely.

The key to successful investment in Facebook ads is the quality of your ad match with the quality of your sales process.

If you have a sales process in place to take cold leads and convert them into a clients, facebook ads are nothing short of a goldmine.

More people learn this value everyday and as a result Facebook ads get progressively more expensive over time.

Get on the gravy train before it’s too late.  Reach out to us today to see how we can help you with Facebook ads.  


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